XCOM reboot delayed until after March 2012

Met with mixed reactions upon its reveal, the first-person shooter reimagining of strategy classic XCOM has traveled quite a bumpy road. After a not so great showing during E3 2010, it bounced back this year, looking good at E3 2011 (opens in new tab) and it had a set release date of March 6, 2012 (opens in new tab). Now the 1950s shooter has hit another bump as that March 6 release has disappeared and its publishing plans are less clear than before.

Above: Don’t trust that release date at the end

Buried near the bottom of publisher Take-Two’s quarterly financial report (opens in new tab) was this short and not-so-sweet news piece, “2K Games now expects to release XCOM during fiscal 2013.” Take-Two’s fiscal 2013 begins after March 31, so XCOM could come out as early as next April with a simple one month delay, or it could come out as late as March 31, 2013. Last month there were rumors of layoffs at XCOM’s studio (opens in new tab), so this makes things look even worse for the reboot. But we’ll try to stay positive and hope that the extra development time will improve it. Remember, BioShock 2 suffered a similar delay (opens in new tab) and turned out great anyway.

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