The devs know you cheated in The Witcher 3, and theyve sent a taxman to collect

Were you one of the Witcher 3 (opens in new tab) players who slaughtered the Northern Realms’ cattle and clam population in order to take advantage of an exploit that would grant you fat stacks of coin? Well, development studio CD Projekt RED knows all about your extracurricular activities, and they’ve sent an in-game taxman to collect your ill-gotten fortune as part of the Hearts of Stone (opens in new tab) expansion.

Should you bump into this digital penny-pincher, he’ll have some questions for you. First, he asks if you’ve engaged in the trade of hide in the White Orchard. Then, if you’ve harvested mollusks with the intention of selling pearls. Lastly, he wonders if you’ve done what virtually every RPG hero has: waltzed into someone’s home and taken items without permission.

The funny thing is, you don’t even need to answer truthfully. And, supposing you tell good Deputy Tax Enumerator Mitty that you’ve never engaged in any such shady business practices, he’ll eagerly award you the title of Taxpayer in Good Standing. YouTube channel WhatsMyGame has a video showing the whole exchange, and it’s pretty great:

Man, you can just straight up lie to that guy. Who’s the real monster here, Geralt?

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