Why Okami is one of the greatest games ever made

Okami is the kind of game that worms its way into your heart and refuses to relinquish control. It’s endearing, yet deep; lighthearted with its message, but mature in its themes. It’s the kind of game that anyone can appreciate and everyone should play. It is, without a doubt, one of thegreatest games ever made .

The brilliantly colorful cel-shaded art style and alluring music consistently scratch an itch that few games do, as the bright hues and innocent, lively imagery make this heartwarming adventure hard to forget. If we’ve had a rough day, few things bring a smile to our faces faster than watching small creatures shower Amaterasu–the sun goddess in wolf form–with affection and gratitude.

Indeed, Okami’s greatest strength lies in the simple pleasures we derive from its beauty. Rejuvenating one of the many Guardian Saplings spreads beauty throughout an area as rapturous music swells, and this enchanting scene makes us shiver with delight no matter how many times we see it. Even the simplest act of running is a breathtaking spectacle. As Amaterasu runs faster, she leaves a trail of verdant growth in her wake; spring blossoms crop up before bleeding into a wild array of orange fall wildflowers when she reaches a full sprint. These visual treats truly do reach out to us in emotional ways, and we can actually feel the world in the game coming to life.

Every aspect of the game is endearing, right down to the goofy way characters talk in indiscernible gibberish. We chuckled as Amaterasu got visibly bored during other characters’ important monologues and decides to take a nap. We got annoyed when Susano stole our glory, but not so annoyed that helping him win a fight wasn’t gratifying. But we were always eager to experience more.

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