Watch: The worst parts of Uncharted (and how to get through them)

Though Nathan Drake’s had some serious work done (opens in new tab) for his debut on PlayStation 4, every one of his hardships – whether entertaining or frustrating – have been faithfully preserved. The cliff-hanging moments are all there, now with revitalized resolution and framerate, as are some of the sticky points that bring a few scenes grinding to a halt. In this video, I revisit some key stumbling blocks throughout Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection and discuss why they hamper each game’s otherwise smooth pacing. These are just a handful of problematic areas, though, so there’s also some advice on how to push through and keep the peril-train rolling.

If all else fails, the Nate Collection also offers a new difficulty mode, “Explorer,” which is truly suited for those who just want to see the story through.

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