Warner Bros seeking help to solve Batman: Arkham City 360 glitch

Warner Brothers Interactive is reaching out to Batman: Arkham City owners on Xbox 360 to help it identify and squash a nasty glitch reported by a large number of players to be erasing game saves at random in Rocksteady’s superhero sequel.

First-hand accounts of the game-ending bug have been cropping up on the official Batman: Arkham City forums for some time. This week, Warner Bros. posted an open letter to fans acknowledging the problem and asking for specific information to help it find a workaround.

“We would very much like to fix the ‘disappearing save files’ issue some consumers have been reporting with the XBOX 360 version of the game as quickly as possible,” wrote Andy Cataldo, US Community Manager, on the recent post. “Thus far our QA department has been unable to reproduce this issue.”

To help, it is asking those who experience the bug to contact the QA team at support@wbgames.com with answers to a few specific questions pertaining to what hardware they’re using, how often the glitch has occurred, what software has been installed on the Xbox 360, and other details that the studio hopes to use in tracking down the source of the problem.

Losing a game save ranks low on on the list of horrible things that can happen in your life, but for those who have committed themselves to solving all of Riddler’s riddles and closing every last side-mission in Batman: Arkham City, seeing all that work disappear into the ether can be pretty frustrating all the same. Let us know if this has happened to you; but please, go easy on the cursing.

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