Video explosion! New trailers for Nintendos biggest 3DS games

Nintendo let loose with a ton of new info today, and while the Wii U was defintely the biggest bombshell, there was a ton of great news for current and potential 3DS owners. New trailers were released forpretty much all the upcoming major games, and we’ve collected the all right here for your convienience.

Super Mario 3D

Check out Henry Gilbert’s thoughts on this matterright here. Spoiler: He’s excited.

Luigi’s Mansion

Henry’s love for the Brothers Mario of course extends to hisgoofy brither Luigi. Check out his thoughts onLuigi’sMansion 2right here.

Mario Kart 3D

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Reggie Fils-Aime led his 3DS presentation with a heady conundrum: “You want what you’ve always wanted, but you also want something new.” Why, yes, Reggie, that would be the conundrum of 21st-century affluence summed up in one sentence: you’ve got our attention. And what panacea could sate both contradictory desires? In an infuriating example of just how well Nintendo knows its audience, it turns out the answer really is simply, “Mario Kart, but with hang-gliders.”

The title, which led the 3DS’ launch lineup, made the transition from “thankfully foregone conclusion” to “thing you’ll be able to buy this holiday season” via the above trailer that, really, looks and sounds exactly like what you’d expect a Mario Kart gameto look and sound.

Paper Mario 3D

It only takes a second to realize the inherent irony in a 3D Paper Mario game, but after Super Paper Mario Nintendo has definitelyproven that they can make it work. The trailer up North there looks like the game remains true the the Paper series’ Action/RPG formula (heavy emphasis on the Action), and also looks like it’ll make good use of the 3D effect. While 3D trailers are at the moment, not possible, you can clearly see where the effect is likely to be used, specifically in the scenes where strips of paper are cut up and fall to the ground, or the Goombas are folded into paper planes and launched at you.

Star Fox 64 3DS

While we’d gladly hurl a puppy into a volcano for a new plane based Star Fox game, this 3D remaster is looking pretty snazzy, with new graphics andmultiplayer battle modes. The trailer is clearly pushing the multiplayer, and with the ease of wireless connectivity it should be easy to play with friends. Sadly though, there’s been no online announced, meaning you’re dogfights will have to stay local. We’d like to see some new single player content, but seing as Star Fox 64 is one of our all time favorites, we’ll let it slide for now.

Animal Crossing

Looks like you can swim now.

Kid Icarus:

One of the most unique 3DS titles on the horizion is Kid Icarus: Uprising, a reboot of the classic NES era game. The game is being designed by Smash Bros. designer Masahiro Sakurai, andKI:Udefintely bears a striking visual resemblance toSSB: Brawl’s Subsapce Emissary mode.Like the Star Fox 64 3D trailer, there’s a big focus on multiplayer here, and the frantic mix of beat-em-up and shooting elements lookslike a lot offun.AR cards also make an appearance, making use of the 3DS’s cameras and apparently allowing for head to head battles between cards. We’ve actually already had some hands-on time with the game, whichyou can check out right here.

June 7th, 2011

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