USC to restore and release John Carpenters first Student film

John Carpenter geeks will be glad to know we’ll soon be able to trace him back to his cinematic roots.

Captain Voyeur is John Carpenter’s first film. It’s an 8-minute, black and white short shot in 1969, which was unearthed in the archives of University of Southern California.

As it’s the famed horror director’s first ever project it will be restored and released with the help from the National Film Preservation Foundation.

Captain Voyeur was written and directed for Carpenter’s introductory film class.

Captain Voyeur has thematic and visual ties to Carpenter’s 1978 classic Halloween . One scene in particular is said to have a predominent link to Halloween:

“The voyeur puts on a pair of glasses over his mask, much in the manner that Michael Myers wore glasses over the bed sheet covering his head in the Halloween prologue.”

The man responsible for this amazing find, Dino Everett has said: “Captain Voyeur follows a man at a boring computer job who eyes a woman at work and follows her home. He dons a mask and attempts to kill her but is shot by his co-worker.”

Once the film is restored we expect the film to be available on DVD release and online, so soon we can see where the legend first began.

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