Trion announces Rift Extra Life event

Rift’s events are usually cataclysmic. The Plane of Water opens up and demons pour out, the Plane of Death slaughters all of the citizens of an entire area, or the Plane of Fire launches invading forces to torch the land. There’s never a time where the citizens of Telara go, “Hey! Look! An event! Isn’t that swell!” Come October, that’s all going to change.

Trion has teamed up with the Extra Life charity, which works in collaboration with the Children’s Miracle Network, to launch a 24-hour gaming marathon on October 16. In order to join you can go to the Extra Life site and register, choosing to play either alone or with a team. Once you’ve signed up you’ll need to hassle friends and family for pledges, getting them to agree to donate money on your behalf for taking part in this event. That’s it! You’re ready to log in on the 15th and get ready for some Rift-ing!

But the children aren’t the only ones being rewarded: the players are, too. All participants will receive the in game title “the Charitable,” while the brave, tireless souls who make it all 24 hours can proudly display their stamina with “the Insomniac.” Beyond that, special items and achievements will be given out for players who achieve a variety of accomplishments, including:

  • Highest Level Achieved
  • Most Favor Earned
  • Most Planarite Earned
  • Highest Crafting Skill (combined)
  • Most Achievements Earned
  • Most Dungeons Completed
  • Most Money Earned
  • Most Critters Killed
  • Most Artifacts Collected

Oh, and you get to tell people that you played video games for 24-hours straight to help children in need, so there’s that, too.

For more information you can hit up the Rift forums or the official Extra Life website. So check it out! It’s for a good cause, and it’s a fantastic excuse to jump into Rift!

Sept 14, 2011

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