The Top 10 Best Source Filmmaker videos so far

The Source modding community has always been one of the most inventive and cohesive groups in all of gaming, and now that Valve has released the Source Filmmaker custom animation tool, the output has exploded. We’ve been giggling at these amazing videos for weeks, and we thought we’d finally sit down and spotlight the very best of the best.

Some of these are on this list because they’re unique, others are here because they’re funny enough to make up for their technical shortcomings, and others are just so mind-blowing they couldn’t be overlooked, but every last one of them is entertaining. So sit back, relax, and enjoy ten of the very best Source Filmmaker animations that have been released so far.

1. Just One More Hat

Creator: Burningfajitas

Why it’s great: Believe it or not, this song was recorded by the video’s creator who clearly has a phenomenal singing voice. None of the videos we saw had such perfect custom audio as this masterpiece, and the lyrics aren’t too shabby either. Don’t worry, this is the only musical on the list.

Our favorite part: “What do you call it? Oh right, fro.”

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2. Meet the Odd Engies

Creator: USAFMike

Why It’s Great: This video is one of our absolute favorites on this list (though it doesn’t take the top spot). It’s a horror trailer that uses nothing besides lighting, camera work, and some amazingly distorted Engineer models to create a video that is genuinely creepy. It’s also one of the few videos that tries to create a tone that’s different from the fun-and-energetic vibe of the game.

Our Favorite Part: That shot down the Heavy’s barrel as the Odd Engies come streaming down the sewer is brilliance.

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