Tom Hardy says Lawless character was inspired by Come Dine With Me


Lawless , the muscular, based-on-true-events crime thriller starring Tom Hardy, heads up a crime double bill in the brand new issue of Total Film magazine (out now, in case you were wondering).

Inside, we chat to the cast and crew for our Making Of, and we got some intriguing contributions from Hardy.

When we asked him about Forrest Bondurant, the mumbling, masculine bootlegger with a surprisingly soft centre, Hardy told us, “Forrest is a matriarch, he’s a mother. I don’t think it’s being macho, I don’t think that’s what masculinity is.”

So how did the bulky Brit get into character as the cigar-chewing Prohibition bad boy? Studying historical tomes? Going method? “No, I watch Come Dine With Me !”

He’s not joking. “I really do like Come Dine With Me ,” he added earnestly. “It’s great people-watching. I’ll steal characters from Come Dine With Me . Because they’re real people. I take something from everybody. I’ll steal you at some point…”

Lawless opens on 7 September 2012.


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