THE SFX FACTOR TV Title Sequences: And The Winner Is

The SFX Factor: The Winner

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It’s the big finale!

And first we have to say goodbye to the show in third place, which is…

3rd Red Dwarf

While just pipped at the post in second place was:

2nd Game Of Thrones

which leaves the winner as…


Not a result that will surprise many, but behind the scenes it was a bit of a shock just how much Doctor Who eventually won by. Throughout this competition voting for Doctor Who and Game Of Thrones had been pretty neck-and-neck until the last couple of rounds. We thought that as the competition reached its climax, voters who had lost all their favourite shows to elimination would gang up on the Time Lord because he was the favourite and vote for the nearest rival instead. In fact, the exact opposite happened and over the last few rounds Doctor Who pulled clear. He’s a pie chart to show you just how clear. Don’t you just love a pie chart?

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And we can also put your minds at rest that there was no sudden influx of block voting from Who fans at the end. In fact, the total number of voters per round has been pretty consistent throughout the competition.

So here you go… your winner.

Doctor Who

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And as a bonus, here’s the similar Tom Baker title sequence that some people prefer (probably because it was around for a lot longer and so feels more iconic):

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And just as a rhetorical question, would anyone have voted for this?


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