The Last of Us remake costs $70, and some fans are calling it “a slap in the face”

The Last of Us Part 1 is just a few months away, but fans are already beginning to question whether $70 is too much for a game many have already purchased twice before.

In a series of posts shared to The Last of Us subreddit, fans have been discussing whether they’re happy with the pre-order/launch day price of the remake, especially considering it’s a game that many of them have played before – either in the form of the original 2013 release or the 2014 PS4 re-release.

The Last of Us Part 1 is currently available to pre-order for $79.99 for the deluxe edition, $69.99 for the standard edition, and $99 for the Firefly edition which comes with a tonne of extras but is only available in the US. 

“Is £70 too much?” one post (opens in new tab) in the subreddit reads. Several other fans replying to the post suggest that the price is too steep for any game, let alone a remake. Others point out, however, that due to the size of The Last of Us (which lasts just over 15 hours), this is a fair price. 

Of course, it’s also important to remember that we’re not just getting a repackaged version of the original PS3 game – instead, we’re getting a project that has been built from the ground up. As explained by the game’s director Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us Part 1 will be “the definitive version” of the game and will feature a number of upgrades that the original didn’t have – which would explain why it is priced the same as a brand new game would be. 

However, another post from the subreddit (opens in new tab) has  gone as far as calling the price “a slap in the face” for long-time fans of the series who will be purchasing the game for a third time once September rolls around. It seems this user isn’t alone in feeling a little put out by Naughty Dog as other fans have also responded with their grievances about the Firefly edition of the upcoming game and how it isn’t available outside of the US. 

i_am_confident_that_i_am_one_of_the_biggest_fan from r/thelastofus

This doesn’t mean fans aren’t excited about reuniting with Joel and Ellie for another adventure, just that they’d wish the price was a little less steep. The Last of Us Part 1 is set to release on PS5 on September 2, with the PC version coming some time afterward.

Want to make sure you can play the remake on release day? Take a look at our The Last of Us Part 1 pre-order guide.

Correction: This article originally had the PC version launching at the same time as PS5 on September 2, but the PC version actually doesn’t have a release date yet. We’ve updated the article to reflect this and we regret the error. 

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