The Devils Double trailer online

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The first trailer for Sundance hit The Devil’s Double has gone online.

Buzz for the film has been pretty electric on the festival circuit, with various Sundance attendees describing the film as completely barmy – which is definitely a vibe we get from this first peek.

Dominic Cooper plays Uday Hussein, a spoiled playboy who gets whatever he wants whenever he wants it, revelling in a life of boundless debauchery.

Enter army lieutenant Latif Yahia (also Cooper), who is requested to become Hussein’s body double for protection. If he refuses, his entire family dies.

Check out the trailer below…

Equipped with false teeth and various accents, it’s Cooper’s most demanding role to date – but the actor looks to embrace the challenge with gusto. It’s certainly a million miles away from Mamma Mia!

Rocking to a similar vibe to Rock N Rolla , The Devil’s Double promises barmy, glossy fun, and could just tip Cooper into the big leagues.

The Devil’s Double opens 12 August.

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