Terminator 5 Takes Another Step Towards Reality

The rights to the Justin Lin/Schwarzenegger package have been snapped up by a surprise bidder

Ellison was an executive producer on the Coen brothers’ True Grit remake and is producer or executive producer on a number of soon to be released films, including The Wettest County In The World , which will star Gary Oldman and Transformers ’ Shia LaBeouf. Although Ellison has been involved with a number of films since producing last year’s Waking Madison , the Terminator franchise marks a change of direction for the producer, whose previous films have been anything but big scale blockbusters.

The deal is believed to be for at least two more Terminator films, with Fast Five director Justin Lin attached. It has been suggested that Terminator 5 may even start shooting before the end of the year. Schwarzenegger is expected to appear in some capacity, though it’s unclear whether or not he will be the main star.

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