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All Starfield skills revealed so far

Some Starfield skills have already been revealed, showing the basic stats your character will use to explore and battle the cosmos. Looking somewhat similar to skill systems in Skyrim and Fallout before it, the Starfield skills are split into tiers under five different categories that affect what you can do …

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Starfield has a photo mode

Starfield’s photo mode was quietly confirmed as part of the gameplay demonstration in today’s Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase. During the opening minutes of the footage, when the player takes out a scanning device to examine a root, a bit of UI at the bottom of the screen includes a …

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Starfield Settled Systems trailer reveal

A new Starfield trailer gives an inside look at its in-game worlds, called the Settled Systems. In the new trailer from Bethesda, game studios design director Emil Pagliarulo gives viewers a brief look at the Settled Systems from Starfield. The design director reveals that this pocket of the Milky Way …

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