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The best Skyrim perks every Dragonborn needs to have

The best Skyrim perks will really help you on your way to becoming the ultimate Dragonborn warrior. Obviously there are perks that are invaluable for certain builds, but you won’t need them if that’s not what your build is about – don’t go picking the Archery perk if your main …

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Skyrim Alchemy guide

With this Skyrim Alchemy guide, we hope to remove some of the grind from one of The Elder Scrolls 5’s most powerful side-hustles. While so much of Bethesda’s sprawling RPG is focused on fighting dragons and exploring the world, it is possible to spend hours doing little more than Smithing …

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The best Skyrim armor to craft and wear

The best Skyrim armor can be many things depending on what you find and craft. There are countless styles, light, heavy, enchanted and much more to uncover as you plunder your way through the mysterious mausoleums and dwarven dungeons of Skyrim. And, not only can you find some great stuff, …

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