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Pokemon Go Ultra League best team options and tips

The Pokemon Go Ultra League only allows Pokemon with 2500 CP or lower. It’s an increase over Pokemon Great League‘s 1500 CP but still an interesting restriction that allows different Pokemon their time to shine in PVP battles. The Pokemon Go meta for the Ultra League constantly changes as more …

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Pokemon Go shiny list and shiny you can catch

The Pokemon Go shiny list include some of the rarest Pokemon in the franchise. And while the main series games have their own methods to obtaining them, it’s honestly a bit easier to find in Pokemon Go. With Pokemon Go’s constant events, obtaining a Shiny Pokemon is relatively easy and …

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Pokemon Go Mudkip Community Day

The Pokemon Go Mudkip Community Day will see the little guy appearing more often in the wild for a limited time, in one of Niantic’s Classic events. As veteran trainers know, Community Days are the perfect time to get out and catch some rare Pokemon and enjoy in-game Pokemon Go …

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