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Titan is ready to emerge in Hulk #6 preview

The Hulk has always been one of Marvel’s most transformative characters, with numerous incarnations of Bruce Banner’s Gamma-fueled alter ego emerging over the years. And now, a new incarnation of the Hulk is set to burst forth in the upcoming Hulk #6, as the villainous Titan rears his monstrous head …

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Spider-Man isnt the only Marvel superhero turning 60 in 2022

2022 marks the 60th anniversary of some of Marvel Comics’ biggest characters, from Thor, to Hulk, to even Spider-Man, and many more. To mark these sexegenarian birthdays, the publisher is planning some big events including a celebration of Spider-Man, a big brawl between Hulk and Thor, and a newly announced …

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November 2021 Marvel Comics revealed

Marvel Comics has hot-dropped their full November 2021 solicitations right in our laps this month, with a surprise release of the publisher’s usual monthly solicits – a fairly spicy move for one of the northern hemisphere’s coldest months. Marvel has offered up a few previews of some of its major …

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