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PS5 vs Xbox Series X: Which should you buy?

Deciding whether to invest in a PS5 vs Xbox Series X is a significant decision, because firstly they’re expensive, secondly difficult to buy, and thirdly lock you into a game ecosystem for at least the next few years.  Even after nearly two years, it can still be tricky to find …

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25 best RPGs that you can play right now

The best RPGs give you endless choices, countless characters, and worlds that will suck you in and suck up hours of your time. Whether these worlds take place amongst the stars, in our not-so-distant future, or in entirely fantastical lands filled with mystical beasts, the best RPGs will make you …

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The best fighting games to play right now

The best fighting games are fast and frantic. They’re a mix of combos and courage, of expertly-timed offences and, for some of us, frantic button-bashing. But they’re always great fun, with a lineage that stretches back almost as far as the video game medium itself. Formulating a list of just …

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