Star Wars Battlefronts season pass is not cheap

We knew it was coming. Star Wars Battlefront (opens in new tab) has a season pass and it’s a not insignificant £39.99. Revealed on the Origin Store (opens in new tab), the season pass will include four upcoming expansion packs that will take us to ‘new locations across a galaxy far, far away.’

The pass will also include two week early access to each expansion pack, as well as an exclusive ‘Shoot First’ emote so you can continue that particular argument for as long as you like. Looking at the different versions on offer, you can buy both the Deluxe Edition of the game and the season pass together as part of an Ultimate Edition for £94.98. Ouch.

The £54.99 Deluxe Edition of the game includes instant access to Han Solo’s DL-44 Blaster, an Ion Grenade, Ion Torpedo and two exclusive emotes. Suddenly the Standard Edition makes you feel like a cheapskate at £49.99. Check out the guide below to see exactly what you get with each version of the game. It’s a pretty depressing sight. Remember where anger leads, you lot.

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