Spider-Man: Edge of Time video shows how spider-fighting changes with the times

Though Peter Parker gets the rep of being a bit of a geek, he’s actually one of the best untrained fighters in the Marvel Universe. Thanks to his mix of speed, strength, agility, and (most importantly) Spider Sense, he can beat up goons with the best of them. And his futuristic counterpart from 2099 is no slouch either, thanks to a similar mix of speed and strength along with crazy sharp talons that stick out of the ends of his fingers and toes. In the new game featuring their marvelous team-up, Spider-Man: Edge of Time, they each have their own play styles, particularly when it comes to combat, which this new trailer highlights.

As you can see, the current Spidey we all know and love pulls of attacks at super speed that’s fueled by his Spider Sense, plus a bunch of web-based combos. Meanwhile, Spider-Man 2099 uses his futuristic tech to teleport around and turn invisible, hopefully making them a fun team that are both different enough from one another to keep things interesting. Lastly, it’s funny the trailer ends with “Save Tomorrow,” as tomorrow is October 4, the game’s US release date. Keep an eye out for our review.

Oct 3, 2011

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