Space Invaders The Movie

So how are they going to make a story out of that? Oh hang on, it’s from the producer of Transformers , so story isn’t important…

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Transformers producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura is set to bring another ancient franchise to the big screen: Space Invaders .

According to Heat Vision (opens in new tab) , the hunt is now on for a writer. Whoever they find clearly has a lot of work on their hands; there’s not exactly much of a story in the 1978 arcade classic on which to base a film: alien ships, defence bases, missiles and the occasional mothership. Then again, lack of a story has been pretty much standard with recent alien invasion films like Skyline and Invasion LA .

Battleships and Asteroids , two other games that have precious little in the way of actual storylines, are also in development in Hollywood at the moment. How long before Pong 3D is announced? Or was that the Wimbledon mens’ final this year?

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