Skyrim mods add retro graphics, mountains of cheese

Skyrim is already an enjoyable game in its original form, but for those itching to play with retro graphics or the ability to summon wheels of cheese at will, there are two new mods that might do the trick.

The first is a work in progress by Skyrim Nexus member Astal called The Retro Project. Once completed, it will wrap the entirety of Skyrim—landscapes, weapons, houses, mudcrabs, and all—in low-res sprites resembling the early days of RPGs.

“Ever wonder what those 2D characters from yesteryear where looking at while you were viewing them from the Top or Side the entire time?,” asks Astal on the project’s page. “Well, get a glimpse of what they see! Criticism welcome, and feel free to recommend different sprites. Got a whole bunch on standby. Credit for the sources of the sprites inside file. More definitely coming soon. :)”

Check out a few screens from the early build:

Up next is a Skyrim tweak made by DoubleAgentMoA that imbues Dragonborn with the ability to summon cheese. Lots and lots of cheese.

In related news, the town of Whiterun has reportedly become overrun by skeevers. In related, related news The Bannered Mare is now serving cheese-stuffed skeevers.

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