Skull and Bones Insider Program will let select players try early game builds

A select few will have the change to try Ubisoft’s upcoming multiplayer pirate adventure Skull and Bones.

Ubisoft announced a “Insider Program” that interested players can sign up for by way of the official Skull and Bones Twitter. After sign-up, Ubisoft will contact “carefully selected players” to test the game and provide developers with feedback on how things are coming along.

The application, which is located at the official Skull and Bones website (opens in new tab), has several requirements for would-be players. This is a test, it appears, for anyone willing to agreeing to a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) who has “a lot of patience and commitment.” That means there might be a lot of difficult content to wade through, and no opportunities to speak about your experience publicly. 

We are kicking off our Insider Program, a unique opportunity for a selected few to test early versions of Skull and Bones & share feedback. Apply now if you think you have what it takes!March 9, 2022

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This is one of the biggest updates we’ve had in some time regarding Skull and Bones outside of Ubisoft’s insistence that the game’s development is on track. In July 2021, the game had passed its Alpha stage of development, with Ubisoft promising to “share more details when the time is right”. 

That news came after the game had been pulled in the direction of a “new vision”, when Ubisoft Singapore creative director Elisabeth Pellen explained the game’s absence from the latest Ubisoft Forward presenation. 

There’s no doubt Skull and Bones has been bogged down with several development woes. But now that it looks like certain players may get a chance to try it out, we could be seeing additional updates on when the rest of us might be able to jump in very soon. 

Can’t wait to hit the high seas? Check out everything we know about Skull and Bones to get up to speed. 

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