“She would have flown up his nose” – The Ant-Man and the Wasp cast answer how they would have defeated Thanos

Avengers: Infinity War (opens in new tab) would’ve gone off without a hitch had Ant-Man and the Wasp (opens in new tab) been involved. Don’t believe me? We even asked the cast how they would have defeated Thanos and there was a couple of great answers, ones that involve shrinking, snot, and brain punching. It sounds weird, but trust me, it would’ve worked.

“Most certainly she would have flown up [Thanos’] nose,” explains Evangeline Lilly, without a trace of irony. “Through his gross snot – she would handle it to save the world – flown into his brain, punched a hole in it and he would’ve dropped dead. It would’ve been very simple.”

I like it. Though, of course, as you might well know from Ant-Man and the Wasp’s post-credits scene, that’s easier said than done.

From simplicity to, next, from Paul Rudd, a whole bunch of stuttering. It’s safe to say he doesn’t have a steadfast plan on dealing with the Mad Titan, saying, “Well, you know… uhh, he seems like a pretty powerful guy. I would’ve done what I could to shrink as much as possible and grow – but, y’know, Hulk was a pretty tough guy and couldn’t deal with it… I dunno. I dunno how you deal with that guy.”

As for Michael Douglas, AKA Hank Pym? Well, I’ll let you watch that fantastic 30-second answer for yourself. He doesn’t so much have a plan, instead, it’s more like a pulls-no-punches excuse – and a pretty brilliant one at that.

Maybe we’ll see one of these plans put in action in Avengers 4 (opens in new tab) or one of the new Marvel movies (opens in new tab)? Who nose, sorry, knows?

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