Sharlto Copley will play Oldboy villain

Oldboy , Spike Lee’s long-gestating remake of the Korean thriller , has finally bagged its villain, with District 9 ‘s Sharlto Copley signing on as billionaire Adrian Pryce.

The part has been a tricky one for Lee to fill, with offers having been made to both Colin Firth and Clive Owen before Copley agreed to come aboard. However, with the two principles in place, Lee will be hoping that production can now begin to pick up pace.

The film will follow Brolin’s character Joe Douchett as he attempts to piece his life together after being suddenly released from 15 years of captivity. Having been kidnapped and locked in a hotel room for years on end, Douchett is understandably pissed off, and sets about attempting to piece together what has happened to him.

However, as anyone who has seen the superlative original will know, the quest for knowledge doesn’t always lead the seeker down a road they want to go. Indeed, producer Roy Lee has suggested that the new ending will be even more extreme this time around.

“The ending will be something that the audiences will all be … especially the fans of the original, will be very happy with,” says Lee. “In fact, some may consider it to be a bit darker.”

Elizabeth Olsen is still rumoured to be attached as a caseworker who meets Douchette as his life unravels around him, and sets about helping him to unravel the mystery. As for a release date, that still remains some way down the track, but things do at long last appear to be moving forward…

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