SFX Issue 212

Spidey and The Avengers lead the way in our mighty 2012 preview issue

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On sale Wednesday 27 July .

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Wave Of The Future
2011 is so, er, this year, but why settle for Green Lantern, Thor and Captain America when you can have Spider-Man, Batman and all the Avengers? There’s no doubt about it, 2012 is going to be a year to remember at the flicks, which is why we’re previewing 12 of of the year’s* hottest movies (see what we’ve done there?) including…

The Amazing Spider-Man
50 things you need to know about Spidey’s rebirth on the big screen. Simple.

The Avengers
Screenwriter Zack Penn tells us what to expect from next year’s superhero dream team on the big screen.

Summer Of SF Reading
We kick off our latest three-month summer of reading special with 23 pages on fantasy literature’s 20 greatest heroes, MD Lachlan, Dennis Wheatley, Nick Kyme, and our regular, exhaustive books review section.

Super 8
JJ Abrams’ love-letter to Steven Spielberg is the Goonies/Cloverfield mash-up you never knew you wanted. We chat to executive producer Bryan Burk.

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes
They did it! Those damn dirty film-makers! They finally made a(nother) prequel to Planet Of The Apes ! We monkey around on set.

20 Reasons We Love Supernatural
…And only one of them is how hot they are, honest!

Jason Momoa
A close encounter with the new Conan.

Don’t Miss:

Spoiler Zone: Season/Series finale/premiere special! Camelot , Game Of Thrones, Primeval, Sanctuary, Falling Skies, Teen Wolf and True Blood ! Plus an interview with Camelot ’s Clive Standen.

Red Alert

  • We say hello to Jason Isaacs, who stars in new US sci-fi series Awake about a man who lives in two parallel realities after a devastating car crash.
  • The first news on Supernatural season seven, Fringe season four, The Big Bang Theory season Five and Futurama season whatever.
  • Buried treasure: win a role in the animated adaptation of lost William Hartnell Who episode “Reign Of Terror”.
  • They are the law: the first news from Life On Mars creator Matthew Graham’s new angels-as-lawyers show Eternal Law .
  • x

Rated : Super 8 , Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part Two, Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, Arrietty, Source Code, Limitless, David S Goyer’s Heaven’s Shadow and F.3.A.R .

*Well, they were all out in 2012 at the time of going to press…

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