Second Green Lantern trailer lands

green lantern

A second full length trailer for Green Lantern has been released online.

Showing off a whole raft of footage that we’ve never seen before (as well as a fair bit we’ve seen to death), it’s by far the best of the film’s trailers so far.

With character beats for each of our leads – including an enticing glimpse at a decently bonkers Peter Sarsgaard – there’s also a ream of new stuff involving the Lanterns themselves.

The CGI also does seem to have been improved upon, though the Lantern costumes and creature effects still look shocking.

Check out the trailer below…

Giving us a better idea of the gravity of the threat facing Earth, as well as a few awesome-looking set pieces, this trailer could just have saved Green Lantern from the apathy currently surrounding it.

Still, certain niggles remain. The CG is still a little too plastic, while Blake Lively looks particularly vacant. Only time will tell if Warner Bros can turn Lantern into the hit they are so obviously desperate for.

Green Lantern opens 17 June.

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