Scum game: How to pee, poop, or vomit (and what it means if something strange comes out)

If you’re playing that new Scum game on Steam, you probably have been confronted by a sudden need for your character to pee, or poop, or vomit. It sounds silly, but the way that Scum intricately simulates digestive processes to create the most gastrointestinally detailed survival simulation ever means that eating and drinking naturally lead to, well, a call from nature. Refusing to answer that call will leave you in quite a bind.

Unfortunately, Scum doesn’t make it terribly clear how to make your character go, and by the time you get done tabbing through all of the menus things may be getting desperate. Hold it no more; this guide will show you the mercifully simple, yet somewhat hidden, process.

  1. Find a safe spot. Your character will be vulnerable while they’re in the middle of the animation for relieving themself.
  2. Hold the Tab key.
  3. Click on the button on the right, the one with a toilet icon on it.
  4. Select “Piss,” “Poop,” or “Vomit,” depending on what your character needs. Performing all three at once is too dangerous of a maneuver for even the most powerful Scum character to attempt right now, but maybe someday.

One more thing: don’t panic if your character mysteriously poops out something that they really shouldn’t be pooping out (like it did for this Reddit user (opens in new tab)). Your character’s first bowel movement yielding a useful item is just one of the many, er, benefits you get for buying the Scum Supporter Pack DLC. If you didn’t buy that DLC and you’re still pooping pineapples, it may be time to consult with a proctologist.

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