Rumored Next Xbox reveal pushed to May

The rumored reveal for the next Xbox has been pushed back to May. Previous reports pegged the public announcement on April 24, but several sources now say we won’t see it until May 21.

Independent Microsoft blogger Paul Thurrott originally gave the date on tech podcast What The Tech, which tech site The Verge corroborated with independent sources of its own. The event will be held at its own small venue, The Verge reports, with the first public details on Durango and plans for Xbox through 2013.

Thurrott said he understands the next Xbox will require a constant internet connection to function–a rumor which has persisted for months, though those rumblings have grown louder in recent weeks. He also said Microsoft will offer two price points for Durango: a $500 off the shelf option, and a $300 system bundled with a required subscription.

May 21 can’t come soon enough. Until then, check out our Xbox One News and Rumors (opens in new tab) for all the latest reports in one handy location.

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