Rockstar Games expands Toronto development studio

Rockstar games has announced it will be expanding its development capabilities in Toronto, opening a larger studio in Oakville, Ontario for the Rockstar Toronto team.

The expansion of the studio comes with full support from the Ontario government, however details about financing were not disclosed.

Rockstar plans to take its 35-person Vancouver development team to the new studio over the next six months, and has opened an offer to all team members to join Rockstar Toronto, or take positions in other Rockstar studios.

Jennifer Kolbe, Vice President of Publishing and Operations for Rockstar Games says, “expanding Rockstar Toronto and bringing our Canadian development talent together under one roof underscores our commitment to building world-class teams that can make the kind of groundbreaking entertainment experiences Rockstar Games is known for.”

Kolbe has also said that “a single Canadian team will make for a powerful creative force on future projects. We plan to add more than 50 new positions to our combined Canadian team, and are pleased to be entering into this strategic partnership with the Ontario government.”

Brad Duguid, Minister of Economic Development and Innovation, has commented on Rockstar’s expansion stating that the “decision to expand its Toronto studio demonstrates the confidence in Ontario’s leading-edge digital gaming industry.”

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