Respawn trademarks Titan

Respawn Entertainment filed a trademark application for a product called ‘Titan’ on April 11. The goods and services application is for video and computer game programs, video game discs and video game software. The application would appear to suggest that Titan is the name of the studio’s first game, a “sci-fi oriented shooter” due to be published by EA. Titan is also the codename for Blizzard’s secretive new MMO project.

California-based Respawn has been largely quiet since its formation in 2010, releasing only a blurry image here or a mo-cap video there to assure fans that it has been busy working away behind the scenes. That should all change in June, when the studio is expected to reveal its new IP at E3.

It was confirmed last month that Call of Duty co-creator and Infinity Ward co-founder Jason West is no longer at Respawn. He reportedly left due to family issues.

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