Relive your Max Payne-ful memories on PS4 this Friday

You are in a PlayStation 4 game, Max. Or you will be soon, anyway. The European PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab) confirmed that PS4 will get a new version of the PS2 classic Max Payne on Friday, April 22, months after the slow-mo third-person shooter revival was first leaked by an ESRB rating (opens in new tab).

The listing doesn’t go into any details on Max Payne’s new incarnation. But if it’s like the other emulated PS2 titles to hit PS4 (opens in new tab), you can expect a significantly improved display resolution, clearer textures, and hopefully even full Trophy support. Don’t expect the comic cutscenes to look any less like a bunch of scrawny Finns pretending to be New York mobsters, but that’s just part of the charm.

Between the cheesy-yet-sincere narrative and pulse-pounding gunfights, Max Payne remains one of my favorite games of all time. It will be great to see it enhanced and preserved on a new platform, even if you will have to buy it over again. While you’re waiting for Friday to roll around, why not practice your Max Payne face? Take it away, Sam Lake!

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