Reality show participant wants $13,000 for broken NES

Reality television is nearly as easy a target for society’s ills as videogames. Both arguments are pretty tired, but every once in a while, reality TV sticks its hand up and yells, “don’t forget, I’m still ridiculous!” If you’re feeling like arguing that point – in which case, bully for you – please examine this video, in which one semi-regular doofus from A&E’s Storage Wars attempts to sell a broken NES for over $10,000.

No doubt you’re all set to fire off an incisive comment about how “reality TV” doesn’t represent any reality you know of and doesn’t really make for very good TV either. We agree, however: an NES did sell for $13,000 one time (opens in new tab)– so Mark Balelo, the unfortunate owner of this NES-shaped paperweight, doesn’t know nothing. He knows one thing, which is arguably more dangerous than knowing nothing. And who is worse: the man trying to strike gold sifting through the detritus of others’ forgotten lives, or the people living forgotten lives, filling the hours before death watching reality TV about junk stores? Obviously, the answer is clear: it’s Balelo, who thinks the NES was an early version of the DS. Come on, guy.

Aug 15, 2011

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