This Saw Cleaver from Bloodborne really transforms (watch out, its sharp)

The webseries Man at Arms, which crafts real-life versions of your favorite video game weapons, has finally gone to Yharnam. This week, the talented blacksmith team crafted a Saw Cleaver – AKA that nasty-looking hunk of twisted metal and sharp edges you see on the cover of Bloodborne (opens in new tab). And it is freakin’ cool.

Count me impressed. The Man at Arms crew has brought a lot of fictional weaponry into the real world, but I’d argue none of their previous work has been quite so impractical as a Bloodborne trick weapon. I would’ve thought a Yharnam Hunter’s weaponry would be difficult – if not outright impossible – to craft, but the crew did it, and it looks ready to mess some beasts up.

Bravo, guys. Now just collect some blood echoes and talk to a creepy doll so you can increase your strength and wield it one-handed.

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Image: AWE me

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