Rage 2s lurid reveal trailer isnt just for looks – here are 3 things we learned

Update: Check out the gameplay trailer (opens in new tab) here!

The first official Rage 2 (opens in new tab) trailer has arrived after a week of unlikely leaks and odd teases (opens in new tab) and it’s colorful, not just in the vibrant sense. The reveal trailer features zero footage from the game but it does serve as a nice thematic intro. If the original Rage was like Tom Hardy in Mad Max: Fury Road then Rage 2 is more like Tina Turner in Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome: loud, stylish, and with an utter disregard for the value of human life.

Bethesda says it’s saving the official gameplay reveal for 7am PDT / 10 am EST / 3 pm BST on Tuesday, May 15. So what can we tell from these heavily post-processed scenes of live-action actors with bad teeth and big guns? Well, it looks like you’ll still fight creepy mutants out in the wasteland with your “wingstick,” AKA a bladed boomerang.

What about the driving? Vehicular races and battles were a big part of the original Rage. For better or worse, the game’s heavy emphasis on car combat still sets it apart from other post-apocalyptic shooters. Looks like that’s sticking around, too – the trailer begins with a first-person view of climbing into a jury-rigged car and some painted-up wheels spinning. The baby-doll-head shifter knob is a nice touch, too.

Last up… Rage 2 is gonna be weird. Or at least, it had better be. Plenty of games have explored Mad Max-inspired wastelands since the original Rage came out in 2011 – including an actual Mad Max game. With this mood-setting trailer, Bethesda’s promising a different kind of post-apocalypse that’s a bit more Tank Girl than grim survival. That kind of aesthetic is easy to tease in a 52-second trailer but more difficult to maintain for a full-length game, so we’ll see more of what Rage 2 does with it after the gameplay debut on Tuesday.

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