Prometheus trailer gets a trailer

A sneak peak at Prometheus has arrived, in the form of a trailer for the upcoming trailer (the full thing is expected to arrive on Thursday).

The 30-second promo features director Ridley Scott dropping hints about his new epic, and there’s at least as much behind-the-scenes stuff as there is actual movie footage.

So, what is there to tide us over until Thursday? Well, there’s a look at that giant-head thing-a-mi-bob that’s been dominating the images so far, and we see a blonde Michael Fassbender examining some bizarre specimen.

And as we see Idris Elba screaming, the crew must encounter something pretty damned terrifying…

Oh, and there’s a few brief frames of some very unsettling business with a helmet going on at the end that harks back to the superior sci-fi scares of Alien .

Check out the footage here:

Prometheus opens on 1 June 2012.

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