Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 trailer unveils Konamis next pitch-hero sim

Here’s the debut trailer for Pro Evo Soccer 2013, the next installment in Konami’s long-running fan favorite – featuring an heroic pitch-run from fan favorite Christiano Ronaldo himself. If the blur of new features toward the clip’s end seems a bit daunting, rest assured that Konami intends this as something of a back-to-basics overhaul for the series – meaning all those fancy new additions will be new to everyone.

Konami tells OPSM UK (opens in new tab) the new game will offer new dribbling and defense systems for better player control. The game’s also being designed to focus on individual players like Ronaldo there, with manual passing and shooting allowing star players to stand out within a match. The game’s set for release toward the end of this year.

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