Primeval Hunk Lands New US Sci-Fi Role

James Murray – Stephen Hart in the first two series of Primeval – is cast in pilot of NBC android show, Beautiful People

NBC has announced the first roles to be cast in the pilot for its new sci-fi TV show Beautiful People . One of the roles has gone to former Primeval hunk James Murray, who played Stephen Hart in the first two series of ITV’s dino show.

The other roles has gone to Patrick Heusinger, formerly best known as Adam in the US series Royal Pains .

The show written by Michael McDonald, is set in the near future in a society where humans co-exist with androids that look human but are treated like second-class citizens.

Murray will play the son of Lydia, the wealthy widow of the man who founded the company that makes the androids, called Mechanicals. Murray’s character is a successful attorney who’s lived a privileged life but makes a name for himself by campaigning for civil rights for Mechanicals. Heusinger will play an android servant in Lydia’s home, who proves to be “defective” after he experiences grief following the death of Lydia’s daughter.

The pilot is set to be directed by Stephen Hopkins.

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