Prepare for a face-off with this exclusive Alita: Battle Angel image

For a project already 18 years in the making and with the likes of James Cameron and Sin City (opens in new tab) director Robert Rodriguez attached to the product, you’d think it’d be impossible to get even more excited for Alita: Battle Angel, a movie based on the manga Battle Angel Alita. Then along comes an exclusive new image from our sister publication Total Film magazine (opens in new tab) that’s high on spectacle and, of course, giant robots. Because, why not?

The little details are already abundantly clear: the robot is outstandingly complex, light poking into a dark cavernous area and particle effects sprinkled on the ground. It’s a looker, that’s for sure and, for many, this is going to hit the sweet spot of anime come to life, without falling into the traditional trappings of looking corny as hell.

Director Rodriguez talks of the “huge production” that’s been behind this movie. He’s not far wrong. “A thousand pages of notes, a 200-page script, and a tonne of artwork” has led us to this moment. While the movie isn’t out until Valentine’s Day 2019, it’s hard not to already fall in love with something that has been designed with such a duty of care in the way Alita: Battle Angel has.

But the process still isn’t done. The SFX and visual effects teams are still hard at work, over two years since filming wrapped on the production. “I’m surprised it didn’t go longer,” Rodriguez says, “I’m just astonished on a daily basis when I get new effects shots in that are just mind-blowing.”

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(Image credit: Warner Bros)


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