PlayStation tablets announced

Sony unveiled the two ‘PlayStation Certified’ tablets at an event in Japan last night. Running on Android 3.0, both tablets are scheduled for release in the fall of this year. The first device, codenamed S1, features a 9.4-inch display, while the other (called, surprisingly enough, the S2) hosts two separate 5.5 inch displays and a closeable clamshell formfactor. The S1 is designed for home use, while the S2 is for more mobile-minded consumers.

Both tablets will receive what Sony calls “high quality first generation PlayStation titles.” Sony didn’t clarify their plans beyond that, but the tablets will probably play the same games that PlayStation-certifiedAndroid phones do, namely PS1 titles. Sony showed off Crash Bandicoot running on the S1 during their press conference (photosonEngadget (opens in new tab)).

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Apr 26, 2011

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