Phil Spencer “would be happy” to see Nintendo games on Xbox One


That, friends, was the sound of hearts expanding worldwide. When asked whether we could ever see Nintendo games for Microsoft’s console on Twitter (opens in new tab), head of Xbox, Phil Spencer replied, “I’d be happy to see that.” It comes after the Microsoft-owned Minecraft was announced for Wii U – which Spencer said was a pleasant process to work on.

@PNF4LYFE Thanks. Nice to get to work with Nintendo on this. Great to see Minecraft coming to WiiU.December 8, 2015

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While, if we see any crossover, it’s infinitely more likely that we’d see Nintendo-themed Minecraft skins popping up on Xbox’s Minecraft, it’s worth pointing out that Spencer also revealed past troubles in the Nintendo-Microsoft relationship, specifically with regard to getting the GoldenEye license:

@leflus Goldeneye rights are so challenging, looked at this many times. Lot’s of different parties to work with, we’ve always given up.December 8, 2015

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But hey, a lifetime of Nintendo games has taught me to live with joy in my heart and a vivid imagination, so I’m going to spend today imagining Donkey Kong popping up in a remake of Brute Force.

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