Peter Jackson holds himself back on Tintin

Producer Peter Jackson has admitted he has to reign himself in during post-production on director Steven Spielberg’s Tintin , so he doesn’t get carried away doing ever more ambitious shots.

“You can go back to get angles you didn’t think of on the day,” Jackson told Superhero Hype while discussing the freedom allowed by a totally CGI shoot. However, he described that option as both “a good thing and a bad thing”.

“You try to treat it as a real movie, to keep from going crazy with difficult shots, but sometimes you can’t help yourself,” he added. “You have to know when to stop.”

He was also happy to chat about the financial pros and cons of a shoot that takes place on a motion capture sound stage.

“On a live-action set you have hundreds of people working and if it clouds over or rains, which it does from time to time in New Zealand, they’re just sitting there waiting for it to stop and it’s costing hundreds of thousands of dollars,” Jackson said.

In comparison, Spielberg shot Tintin in just 32 days using a crew of around 50 people.

“But it’s not cheaper than live action. Not at all,” Jackson shared, citing the extensive time needed for both pre- and post-production.

The Adventures Of Tintin is released in UK cinemas on 26 October 2011.

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