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Skate 4 is free-to-play

EA has announced that Skate 4 (or just ‘skate.’ if you prefer) will be a live service, free-to-play game due to launch across PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms with cross-play and cross-progression. The news comes as part of a new developer stream, in which the devs insist that the game …

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Best cheap gaming PC deals in July 2022

Halfway through July and we’re seeing some of the best cheap gaming PC deals of the year so far with some excellent rates on budget builds coming in at well under $1,000 / £1,000 depending on where you are.  What’s most notable about July compared to other months of 2022 …

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How to solve the Clock Puzzle in Madison

The Madison Clock Puzzle has players set four different clocks to the correct time – not by actually turning the gears, but by replacing the clock faces with different ones that show the correct time already. Unfortunately, there are numerous clocks you have to interact with in Madison, not just …

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