New look at Vin Diesel in Riddick

Riddick , the long-awaited sequel to Pitch Black and The Chronicles Of Riddick , has released a new image online, showing Vin Diesel’s titular anti-hero clutching some kind of tribal staff.

The new film finds Riddick cast away and left for dead on a barren, sun-scorched planet, upon which he appears to be the only living creature. Unhappily for him, however, that assessment soon turns out to be incorrect.

Pursued by a race of lethal alien predators, Riddick is left with no other option but to set off an emergency beacon… a beacon that alerts a group of ruthless mercenaries to his whereabouts. If the aliens don’t get him first, this lot surely will!

The new image shows Riddick carrying what looks like a staff made of bones. Could that be the skull of one of the aliens he’s slain? Could it even be the skull of the space jockey? Sorry, we’ve got that guy on the brain…

Riddick has yet to receive an official release date, although Diesel recently revealed that the earliest possible opening could be January 2013. He also mentioned that the studio is pleased with what they’ve seen, and further sequels have been discussed. Looks like Riddick is here to stay…

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