New look at Elizabeth Banks in The Hunger Games

With Lionsgate’s promotional push for The Hunger Games cranking up a gear, a new image has been released showing Elizabeth Banks’ Effie Trinket in all her shocking pink majesty.

However, this new image doesn’t come in the form of a production still or teaser poster; instead it’s part of an advert for a new Hunger Games cosmetic range from China Glaze.

The collection is entitled “Capitol Colours” (see what they did there?), with the Trinket-endorsed nail polish asking customers, “What will you be wearing to the opening ceremonies?”

As cynical as it might look on the face of things, it’s actually quite a clever little tie-in, and we should see some new glimpses of other characters as more adverts emerge.

As was noted last week, the hundred days countdown to the film’s release has now started, with The Hunger Games arriving in UK cinemas on 23 March 2012. Now, we must stop typing for a minute to let these dry…

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