New images and poster for Brian De Palmas Passion, starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace

Passion , Brian De Palma’s erotic thriller, has released a new set of images and a poster to follow up last week’s attention-hogging still of Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace .

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the marketing team have opted to go with the aforementioned kiss between the two leads as the main image for the poster, ensuring that plenty of teenage boys will be well aware of this one.

The new images follow a similar theme, with one shot of McAdams in a set of stockings and suspenders, and another of her looking coy in the shower. There’s also an image of somebody wearing a truly terrifying mask, but what that signifies remains to be seen.

The film will cast McAdams as a high-powered businesswoman who leads her “easily exploited” protégé (Rapace) into a bizarre and dangerous relationship. Perhaps that’s where the mask comes in…

Passion will be in the shop window for buyers at this year’s Cannes festival, with a view to a 2013 release. Check out the new images and poster, below…

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