New Darkness 2 screens released, voice cast may include Nolan North

Newly-released shots of The Darkness II highlight the lurid multicolor of the title’s spooky demon-haunted world, which isn’t bad for a gamewhich thevery name of suggests underlit drabness. They’re also not shy about reminding you that this might be a game about eldritch tentacled horrors from the horrific beyond and what-all, but it’s also a game about shooting lots of people in the face.

Above: As astute readers may note, this shot hints that CVG has more on The Darkness II. Check outtheir preview (opens in new tab)

The weird stealth-hampering facial gear sported by enemies in these shots hints at their alignment with the Brotherhood, a (hastily-named, one suspects) faction within the game seeking to steal protagonist Jackie’s mojo. Preview builds of the title have had Jackie voiced by the ubiquitous Mr.Nolan North (opens in new tab), butDigital Extremes denies that this means he will (or won’t) make the final game, explaining that the only confirmed voice actor is the returning Mike Patton %26ndash; hopefully warning the Brotherhood that whileit may want all of Jackie’s dark power, it cannot, in fact, have it (even if it’s in their faces at the time).

May 12, 2011

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