Mortal Kombat Vita, Awesomenauts now on PSN Store

It’s a pretty great week to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber. First off, the new downloadable MOBA title has just gone up (opens in new tab) on the PlayStation Network. Which is cool if you’re a regular PSN user, but it’s awesome if you’re a PS+ subscriber as Awesomenauts is the game of the month, meaning it’s free until June 5th.

The arrival of Awesomenauts comes as a relief after they experienced some last-minute trouble with their publisher, which filed for bankruptcy (opens in new tab) just a few days ago.

PlayStation Plus subscribers are also getting a few more free games this week. Trine 2, Castlevania Symphony of the Night, and Castlevania Chronicles are all free to download.

A few other new games are available as well. Mortal Kombat just went up for the Vita. Legend of Dragoon was added as a PS1 Classic, and the original Max Payne is now available as well.

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