More Amazing Spider-Man set photos show off stunts

amazing spider-man

After a lull in, uh, web reportage on the still-shooting Amazing Spider-Man , a fresh batch of on-set snaps have been released online.

These new glimpses of the film production have given us a few of exciting tidbits to chew over – but first and foremost, we have our first picture of Andrew Garfield donning nerdy glasses!

Except they’re not really all that nerdy and actually really cool. Geek chic pretty much sums it up. We’re off into town this afternoon to pick up a pair ourselves.

Meanwhile, photos of a building bearing the Oscorp logo confirms that Norman Osborn (and therefore the Green Goblin) will have some presence in this new series of Spidey films – even if he’s not a big presence in this first reboot.

Finally, some shots were taken of a dress rehearsal for what we’re assuming is one of the film’s key action sequences. And it’s looking pretty impressive already, even minus the Spidey suit.

Check out the new images below…

The Amazing Spider-Man opens 3 July, 2012.

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